Summer residency with my Adelaide family, Fontanelle Gallery and Studios in January 2014. Their Art Scene Satellite project brought me to collaborate with the amazing painter and sculptor Anna Gore. A heartfelt colourist who helped me learn to trust instinct and let magic happen. From chats about surface and unseen forces I made my largest work to date, a large suspended work of leather spilling from the ceiling to the floor and looking ready to pounce and swallow you into its flayed flesh shadow. I really loved hanging out with the many bright and lovely folks that make up the amazing Fontanelle. Good job Brigid Noone and Ben Leslie!

2nd March – 30th March 2014
Fontanelle Gallery and Studios, Adelaide, South Australia
Curated by Brigid Noone
  • Elvis Richardson (Melbourne) with Madison Bycroft – writer Chloe Langford (Berlin/SA)
  •  Talitha Kennedy (Darwin) with Anna Gore – writer Roy Ananda (SA)
  •  Oscar Perry (Melbourne) with Benjamin Leslie – writer Sera Waters (SA)

Installation shot RENDEZVOODOO. (Front) Talitha Kennedy, Weeping Hiding Place, 2014. Leather & thread. Dimensions variable (ceiling height 3 metres).

Installation shot RENDEZVOODOO with works by Anna Gore and Talitha Kennedy

Installation shot RENDEZVOODOO with works by Talitha Kennedy (drawings), Anna Gore (painting and pick sculpture), Elvis Richardson (video and works on paper, right down the end)

Installation shot RENDEZVOODOO. Anna Gore's black fur covered sculpture in front.