Thing Show

Fontanelle Gallery March 10 - April 12 2013
"The exhibition reflects on the way matter can trap and reveal movement beneath the threshold of our awareness. Featuring Henry Jock Walker, Sarah CrowEST, Brooke Babington, Carla Liesch, Sam Songailo, Emily Taylor and Talitha Kennedy, the artists allow the space to vibrate, transform and respond to their work."

Ben Leslie at Fontanelle Gallery sent out an Elizabeth Grosz article on 'The Thing', it got me all raving about my thoughts on the 'life' of things - such as the trip down entropy lane and the cultural value that classifies all things. For this show I continued building on the series 'Tricks to make earth into flesh', a process that allowed further thinking into my obsession with concrete and how it has become like a human skin over the earth. Ben listened and totally indulged my ravings, growing a great conversation on sculptural process and stuff. I didn't get to Adelaide for the show but the pix look so exciting - brave and elegant curating.