Last minute art sale and send- off at Nomad Art Gallery

Sunday 28 April 2012, 4 - 6pm
Special thank you to Angus and Rose Cameron at Nomad Art for making a wonderful event of my send-off and displaying my work for this one night sale. Very many lovely people came to bid fond farewell and buy works which greatly boosted my courage and budget for residency in NYC, thanks Darwin!
Me. Photo by Andy Ewing
Nomad Art event
Drawings $50 each

Winsome Jobling with 'Ins and Outs#3'

Andy Ewing gets etching

Nicky O'Brien with her sprout

Siying Zhou "hole in heart"

Anthony Spry "under the covers"

Andrish St.Clare "Dead hatchling"

Sarah Pirrie's 'Tricky Terrain'

Belinda Emmerson's 'Pod'