in late May 2012 I assisted Fiona Hall with the installation of her work commissioned for Documenta 13 in Kassel, Germany. The installation took place in a pre-fab house in the Karlsaue Park. We painted the whole interior in combat uniform camouflage patternings and the exterior with camouflage patterns used on battleships. The works included Fiona's incredibly detailed taxidermy-style 'trophies' of endangered animals on the United Nationa IUN Red List and reconstructed using the habitat nation's defense force uniform. The interior space felt like a hunter's den or amateur museum, an atmosphere filled with a wonder for the natural world and a sense of imminent death and conflict. It was an amazing experience and privilege to be involved with the construction of such a powerful and moving installation as well as glimpse the vigor and depth of practice that achieves such works. I'm sure it will strengthen the rigor of my own practice. Documenta opened on June 9 and I stayed an extra week taking in the huge array of work and installation spaces. I was left with a deep impression for the possibilities of art to change the/a world in re-reading the past to create new narratives of individual voice.